Asian Cuisine

True gluttony is not found in an all-you-can-eat buffet. It is found in stuffing oneself and taking home leftovers. Gluttony becomes a deadly sin when an excessive dose of karaoke is added. But when the whole process is Thai, gluttony becomes fun. Asian Cuisine quells both desires. Authentic Thai food, served in portion sizes one would expect from any strip-mall eatery that shares a parking lot with a discount goods store and a liquor store, stretches the stomach and multiplies like loaves and fishes as it is consumed. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the brave can join the proprietors and their friends for some Thai karaoke, complete with big-screen projections of the words, so audience members can sing along, and cheesy videos that supposedly accompany the song. Though a large portion of their music collection is actually Thai, the selection of '80s pop music is also pretty substantial. For those who fear the potential public humiliation of singing karaoke, Asian Cuisine offers a live band on Friday and Saturday evenings.


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