For the best authentic Neapolitan pizza this side of the Atlantic, one need look no further than Punch. A certified member of the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, Punch doesn't pack its delectable thin-crust pizzas with greasy fixin's like thick ham or half-cooked bacon. Instead, Punch fills its crispy handmade crusts with only the best and freshest ingredients available, like San Marzano tomatoes imported from Naples, virtually transparent prosciutto, and Mediterranean olives and mushrooms. Then, each perfect specimen is cooked to a crispy-gooey goodness inside a wood-fired brick oven, which makes the crust taste like it was magically created by the pizza gods using only the light of the moon and the earth's greatest hidden treasures. Yes, the crust is that good. Thankfully, the dough is made with only the finest all-natural ingredients. But even if it was made up of unknown herbs from the planet's lower mantle and shaped into a gigantic pie the size of Saturn, we'd still eat it in one sitting--and still have a hankering to order the tiramisu mousse for desert.

Location Details

704 Cleveland Ave. S.
St. Paul MN 55116


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