Whether your diet is vegan, lactose-free, macrobiotic, or you just plain enjoy a meal without yellow number 5, you've probably spent some quality time in grocery stores scanning aisles and reading labels. That's why it's so great when you find a store where the staff has already read the labels and understands exactly what a gluten-free diet entails. Employees at Mississippi Market can tell you what local farm the tomatoes came from that week (Mississippi Market buys produce from local farmers, when possible), or what aisle you can find the yeast-free bread in, and they certainly won't give you the wonky eye when you ask if they carry soy pepperoni. But don't feel excluded if you eat red meat or are enviably devoid of food allergies. Mississippi Market offers a variety of unique food items that you would never find at your typical generic mega-grocer--like all-natural meats in the deli, green tea and ginger ice cream, and well over 100 varieties of cheese. Also, be sure to check out the bulk section, which offers a selection any co-op would be envious of. You can stock up on standard hoarding items (flour, rice, beans) or items you might never think of hoarding (sun-dried tomatoes, almond butter, shampoo) except that now that you can, you definitely will.

Location Details

622 Selby Ave.
St. Paul MN 55104


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