This unassuming restaurant nestled within a bland row of strip-mall shops in Fridley offers up enough culinary adventure to make you wonder what other delicious surprises you may be missing while searching for more glamorous surroundings. King's has a varied menu, including Chinese and Japanese items, but Korean cuisine is the reason to park your butt in a booth here, with a cold beer and, for starters, the wondrous seafood pancake, a little miracle of an omelet composed of scallions, squid, and other seafood perfectly complemented by a robust sesame soy sauce. The menu can be overwhelming for first-timers--where to start with so many unfamiliar soup and rice entrées?--but the friendly waitstaff will assist with suggestions and also make sure you don't order too much (easy to do) while providing a little advice about the health benefits of seaweed along the way. Meals arrive complete with "panchan," tiny bowls filled with spicy radishes, sprouts, and other nibbles to enhance favorite dishes. Those include hot pots filled with crispy rice and steamed veggies; a stunning seafood medley overflowing with squid, octopus, mussels, and noodles meant to serve two but better suited to at least a quartet of eager eaters; galbi (savory pork or beef short ribs); and bulgogi, all offering up a mouthwatering mélange of tastes for very reasonable prices. Visit around 9:00 p.m. to get in on the karaoke show, or drop by during the week for a bargain lunch buffet.

Location Details

1051 E. Moore Lake Road
Fridley MN 55432


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