Patel Groceries

Strains of "It's a Small World" might as well have been wafting down from the heavens as we made our way slowly through this bright, sparkling, Nordeast market one day in search of provisions. There were the inevitable spices and sauce mixes and bulk bags of exotic rice and legumes, yes, but there was also the Pillsbury Doughboy. He offered his trademark parade wave from dozens of packages in the freezer case, right next to a tempting array of cocktail-nibble-sized samosas and pakoras. We couldn't resist picking out one of the Doughboy's "flavoured" parathas, made not at General Mills in Golden Valley, but in Mumbai, people. We put it into our cart, taking care not to crush the fresh fenugreek (fresh fenugreek--in the Midwest!) and some other unexpected prizes, and we made our way slowly home, wondering whether the kids would believe us if we said that once upon a time the Doughboy meant crescent rolls and his buddy the Green Giant the only produce available most of the year.


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