Joey D's

Every few months, inevitably when we've been mixing gin and Guinness, we feel compelled to make the case that Joey D's is the finest restaurant in the Twin Cities. We'll spare you the excruciating details of this harangue (and apologize if you've ever witnessed this sad spectacle), because the only truly important thing to know about this Ericsson neighborhood institution is quite simple: Order the Chicago dog. Don't bother with the pizza. Skip the fries. Don't even mess with the Polish sausage or the chili-cheese fries. Order the Chicago dog with all the fixings: mustard, relish, pickles, tomatoes, celery salt, onions, and sport peppers, all exquisitely crammed into a poppy-seed bun. (Okay, if you're a truly heroic creature: Order the Chicago dog and the Italian beef). There are only a few places in the Twin Cities that serve hot dogs worthy of mention in the same breath as Joey D's. The Wienery, that venerable West Bank hovel, continues to serve up multiple delicious dog variations, while Bullwinkle's Saloon dishes out a mean Coney Island dog. And relative newcomer the Bulldog produces a pretty decent Chicago Dog too. But Joey D's remains the top dog in town.


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