How French is Vincent Francoual, chef and proprietor of Vincent, a Restaurant? He's so French that he held an event on April 10 called "The Wines of My Hometown," with an eighth-generation winemaker from right near Francoual's hometown of Puy-l'Evêque. How French was le menu? Tourin à l'Aoucou, Brochettes d'Escargots, Fromage du Cantal, Pommes Sarladaise, Frisée aux Lardons, Sauce aux Figues, Magret de Canard Rôti, Fèves, Sauce au Fenelon... we could go on. All the way through the Sorbet à l'Abricot. Sigh. The Twin Cities have never had an event so thoroughly French, in all our long histoire. But you missed it. What to do? Why not drop by for lunch, dinner, or a snack in the airy bar for some classically French treats? Once there, you'll find that the escargot with garlic is as feisty and earthy as a Papillon puppy in the mud, the wine list has more French bottlings (many available by the glass or thrifty carafe) than any restaurant in the state, and if you care to order a daily special of halibut or a similar fish, you will find it cooked as only a truly French-trained chef can: with a brown crust so crisp you could bounce a franc coin off it, the inside as tender as the tears of a jeune fille.

Location Details

1100 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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