People bitch and bitch about Yummy. "Oh, I went in and ordered cream cheese wontons and the sweet and sour chicken, and it wasn't as good as Shanghai Kitchen, and it cost twice as much!" Look, people: Real Chinese food is made with all kinds of icky things, like live eels, clams in their shells, abalone, chickens from face to feet, flopping fresh fish, noodles with the consistency of a Jell-O shot, and every part of the pig, including belly, rib, ear, and squeal. If you don't want to eat icky things, you don't want Chinese food, you want something else: You want P.F. Chang's. So go there. Leave the bubbling clam hot pot; the steamed whole bass dressed elegantly on a bed of scallions with cilantro and black beans; the emerald-bright pea tips in their glistening cloak of pale wok-poached garlic; the fat, broad chive-flower dumplings; the fried rice with salt-cured fish and sun-dried scallops; leave all of that for the rest of us. How you don't appreciate a restaurant that serves dim sum every single day, that offers the Lobster Combination Dinner for Four of your dreams (silky West Lake Beef soup, crackling crisp fried lobster with ginger and scallions, pea tips, beef ribs with black pepper, and a hot pot of diced chicken with tangy, salty fish and bean curd--all for $58!), that has live tanks which are practically an aquarium of exotic sea life, how you can complain with all of this wonderment is beyond the understanding of a logical man.

Location Details

2450 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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