Gentlemen: Want to meet real single women now? Live and in person? Women with, shall we say, certain appetites? Start by forgetting about the Friday night parade of Midwestern nubility that staggers up and down Minneapolis's First Avenue in search of grain alcohol. You want to catch these women earlier in the fermentation process, when they can still stand up--that is to say, when they hunger for simple sugars. And, at lunch hour, the St. Paul Candyland is the place to find them. It helps if you're attracted to the kind of woman who wears a parking permit on a shoelace around her neck: say a compliance coordinator at Ecolab, or a junior controller at Lawson software. For it's these lovelies who line up for milk chocolate almond bark ($10.99 a pound) and sour cherry balls ($4.99/pound). They fill their purses with caramel corn popcorn balls (a buck a ball) and stuff their pockets with butter toffee bars (priceless). It's an innocent place, the candy store is, clean and unfussy. Yet there's little that's precious or kitschy--or shall we say saccharine--about this family-owned business and city mainstay, and on a Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., it's not a kiddie crowd ogling the goods. Best of all, if your romance begins over a mound of chocolate-covered Oreos, you can hope your sweetie won't be boring you with the details of her Atkins diet any time soon.


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