Last year, a bar in Pennsylvania announced that it sells a gut-busting six-pound burger--not including the three pounds of bun and toppings. After hearing this, what could be more appetizing, more rational, and less nauseating than a plate of Herkimer mini burgers? Before you go dismissing them with dogs birthed in their own Louis Vuitton handbags, consider this: A plate of five can fill you up just like one that's regular-sized. Plus, the wee ones are easier to maneuver, making burger time a less sloppy ordeal. The compact meals are neatly confined between buttery buns and come in several varieties including veggie, Cajun pork, and mini Big Macs. Or have them masquerade as a snack by ordering them on soft pretzel buns with a side of jalapeño honey mustard. In any case, you can pretend they're somehow healthier than their big, beefy brethren because they're, like, ohmigod, so cute, right?

Location Details

2922 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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