Eric Perkins

Only local sportscaster Eric Perkins could do a segment about a family who plays a snowy game of baseball to celebrate opening day of spring training, and allow it to descend into a bizarre, nightmare-fueled short film that features "Perk" as six different but equally whacked-out characters, including an imagined baseball legend called "the Bopper" and a whiny, tobacco-stained bat boy. And only Perk could make this offbeat sports-themed narrative funny (see it for yourself at Unlike most sportscasters--who try so hard to be humorous it borders on pathetic--this gangly, unabashed sports geek has a knack for turning snowplow races and gingerbread-house-smashing tournaments into two minutes of enjoyable "news" viewing. Plus, while the crush-worthy Perk knows his stuff, he doesn't have an obnoxious pompous streak. Instead, his style is endearingly awkward and earnest, which is a refreshing change of pace from Mark Rosen's tough-guy brand of sports journalism.


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