Voice Cried Softly

Sure, there are a few local DJs that hew more closely to the sonic boundaries of punk rock, but for our money, no one embodies the spirit of anarchy and irreverence more than Eric of Voice Cried Softly. Where else can you hear the Shaggs on the heels of "Let the Eagle Soar" by John Ashcroft? Faithful listeners of VCS have enjoyed all manner of rock marginalia and disjointed banter for nigh on a decade. In an age when "alternative radio" is often tainted by corporate gloss, it's refreshing to hear a volley of truly spontaneous programming, warts and all. VCS isn't produced so much as it spills awkwardly forth; it's a real-time glimpse into the id of a disaffected twentysomething with his own radio show. Now, how punk is that?


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