Science geeks and kindergarteners unite in the giddy pleasure of seeing the largest traveling exhibition of Chinese fossils ever to tour North America. The six-year-olds growl carnally at the velociraptor and rattle off facts to accompanying adults about the diet composition and prey-accusation methods of the small dinosaur. The older paleontological admirers check the placement of the oversized toe claw used by the velociraptor to slash prey, which was unfortunately misplaced in the Chinosaurs exhibit. This wasn't the only mounting error; the archaeoceratops's hips were also mounted backward. These gaffes aside, the collection is impressive; the species present are diverse, as are the fossilized eggs and footprints. The young and the young at heart can also go on their own dig at the small excavation pit.

Location Details

120 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul MN 55102


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