Buckets and Tap Shoes

10foot5 is more than one dancer, but when hoofers like these unite in a groove so deep that pieces of the stage floor start flying around, such details hardly matter. 10foot5 is the creation of Minneapolis brothers Andy and Rick Ausland, two lanky, tap-dancing, peace-loving guys who enthusiastically celebrate the funk in our beloved Funkytown. Their performance Buckets and Tap Shoes was the runaway hit of last summer's Minnesota Fringe Festival, thanks largely to the boundless positive energy of the Auslands and their pals, all of whom are fluent in the nuances of rapid-fire percussive movement. Occasionally, members of the group banged on buckets or jammed with the live band, but mostly they gave up the spotlight to their phenomenal feet by daring one another to come up with a new mad skill or a far-out twist on an old favorite. Whenever it seemed like these folks should be getting tired, they just kept going faster: shuffling up and down the stairs in the darkness of the theater, pumping their fists, spinning on the tips of their toes, and literally bouncing off the walls. Everyone was sweating profusely by the encore--including the audience, who were shouting for more.


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