Over the past year, this little gallery in northeast Minneapolis (run by artists Karl Raschke and Dave Salmela) has housed some of the most buzzed-about exhibits in town. From a show by local comic-book artists the International Cartoonist Conspiracy (which featured work by acclaimed comic-book creators King Mini and Sam Hiti, among others) to an exhibit by the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists (who later got a front-page write-up in the New York Times' art section), Creative Electric is nothing short of eclectic. In addition to functioning as a unique gallery, over the holidays the space becomes a storefront filled with one-of-a-kind items created by local artists. Here, you can pick up Raschke's assortment of buttons dedicated to shoes or soldiers (among many other things) and find a sparkly beaded necklace to accompany them. Most recently the gallery has been used to shoot a music video for Low and as a music studio to record a CD sampler for the gallery itself. But best of all, this totally pretense-free gallery has become a springboard for the local arts community, and Raschke and Salmela are as passionate about the artwork as are the artists themselves.

Location Details

2205 NE California St.
Minneapolis MN 55418