To celebrate its 10th anniversary, our local museum of the moving image is reeling in the years, spending three weeks on a dozen and a half of its best-attended, best-loved repertory titles: Hitchcock's Vertigo (May 11-12), Kurosawa's Yojimbo (May 9-10), Godard's Breathless (April 29 through May 1), and the Maysles brothers' Grey Gardens (May 11-12). It's a reminder not only of the theater's history (or the cinema's), but of the unique virtues of film projection in the DVD era--including the company of strangers. We love Oak Street's new habit of stretching director retrospectives (e.g., Renoir and Ozu) across two months with screenings on Sunday mornings and afternoons. (Better to take one's time pondering the masters than to cram half an entire oeuvre into a busy week of binge auteurism.) Recent weeklong runs of new material have included a few soon-to-be-classics: the Senegalese Moolaadé, The Lizard from Iran, Infernal Affairs from Hong Kong. The pair of series devoted to noir and screwball comedies were way too canonical for our taste, but not so the monthlong "Gotta Dance!" wherein Purple Rain and Moulin Rouge shared the floor with Top Hat and Silk Stockings. Would the Oak Street promise to make the "Jewish Holiday Chinese Buffet Extravaganza!"--Broadway Danny Rose with sweet and sour in the lobby--an annual event?

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309 Oak St. S.E.
Minneapolis MN 55414


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