Patrick Reusse

Patrick Reusse has become a ubiquitous presence on KSTP-AM (1500). The crotchety sports pundit pops up hourly on Bob Davis's maniacal morning show, regularly visits with Ron Rosenbaum and Mark O'Connell during the midday hours, and comes back again to chat with his old chum Joe Soucheray during drive time. Then there are the weekends, with Reusse putting in another four hours behind the microphone. Considering that he also pens at least three columns per week for the Star Tribune, it's tough not to wonder about the status of the guy's home life. We're not complaining, though: With his high-pitched rasp of a voice and unhinged cackle, Reusse's a delightful old coot, making everyone around him (even Soucheray) seem more likeable. Reusse's folksy, meandering discourses can range in topic from his own disastrous golf game to the genius of Johan Santana to the bumpkins that land courtside seats at Milwaukee Bucks games. And unlike most of his sports-gab counterparts, he doesn't pretend to be discussing theoretical geometry. Reusse understands his area of expertise: men (and occasionally women) playing with balls.


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