Video Universe

"It's worth the drive!" the ad promises--and indeed it is. Matter of fact, we challenge you to find another store in the entire state that'll rent all five of these on DVD: Duck Soup, Last Year at Marienbad, the Criterion edition of Tarkovsky's Solaris, Disney's The Little Mermaid, and the first few commandments in Kieslowski's Decalogue--yours for a full week at the low, low price of $12. And the drive really isn't that long, at least not from downtown Minneapolis: Take 394 West to 100 North, make a right on County Road 81, and you're there. (The trip will take 10 or 12 minutes.) More DVDs here than any other rental outlet around, including your local Blockbuster--plus they'll put their pricey disc-refurbishing machine (it looks like a bowling-ball cleaner) to use on your scratched platters so that they'll play as good as new again. (They'll resurface a DVD for six dollars, a CD for four--and we can tell you firsthand that it really does work.) Oh, yeah, and they have a few tapes here, too: About half (that's 3,000 tapes!) rent for three days for just a buck apiece.


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