Either of the Everyday People stores--Dinkytown or Uptown--could win this award by itself. Hit both stores on one day, and you're guaranteed satisfying power-shopping, with no icky megamall hangovers or musty thrift-store smells to endure. If you missed the Sly and the Family Stone reference, you won't miss the vibe, with Al Green or maybe the Vines playing in the background while up in the front of the store, associates are buying once-overpriced threads so they can sell them to you affordably. Beware: The Exchange cuts both ways. Think before you bring in your closet castoffs--they'll probably be met with a wrinkled nose and a pass. Only the most trendy of the new brands, like Banana Republic, DKNY, or the Gap, and the best vintage, like best-kept fur-collared coats, will make the cut. But back to shopping: Did we mention the shoes? The shoes! You would never be able to afford knee-length leather boots otherwise. The Dinkytown location even has its own room dedicated to just jeans. It's a metrosexual-on-a-budget paradise.

Location Details

323 14 Ave. SE
Minneapolis MN 55414


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