Twilight Tattoo

Twilight Tattoo stands out at the corner of Bloomington and Lake. It's a little brick building with blue-trimmed windows that screams "quaint neighborhood watering hole" instead of "home of needle-made skin art." Owner Shane Wallin wanted to create a unique visual space for clients, and put as much thought into the building's distinctive design as he does into his custom-made tattoos. Inside, the studio further reflects Wallin's artful aesthetic, with a sleek, comfy couch and a pop-art painting by Wallin that covers an entire wall. Considered among body-art fanatics to be a true visual artiste, Wallin isn't just some dude who will slap a lame butterfly tattoo on your drunk ass and snicker as you cough over a cool hundred. The award-winning Wallin has been designing tattoos for more than 10 years, and he takes great pride in creating each one of his high-quality, one-of-a-kind walking art projects. "I'm proud of everything I do," he says. Apparently it's true: Every rose is unique.


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