Intercontinental Video

If a four-alarm fire is going to devastate your highly unique video store, you might as well have it happen at a time when the rest of the industry is struggling to shift its inventory from tape to disc, and the customer is pretty much looking to forget the former format entirely. Newly reopened after the aforementioned blaze, this West Bank classic has updated to DVD with remarkable speed while maintaining the same old dedication to foreign titles both essential and esoteric. On a recent visit, we found 11 Zatoichis, a few Guy Maddins, the Dutch Verhoevens, the Anchor Bay Herzogs, several by Shyam Benegal, and more Asian action (including anime) than you can swing a set of nunchaku at. (This may be the only video store in the state where "Point me to the Takashi Miike" won't result in a "Huh?") A dozen or so imported DVDs here are so hot that the films haven't even opened in local theaters yet. (We'll skip mentioning the titles in deference to our dear friends in motion picture publicity.) And, as luck would have it, the fire didn't destroy all of Intercontinental's irreplaceable cassettes.


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