Pawn America

There are shops that offer more selection per square inch, and some folks get off on that sensory rush. But sometimes we want a little room to move and to not feel like we're being watched (very closely). Pawn America has a range of store sizes, but the spacious Lyndale Avenue location in Bloomington really swayed us. We've been there on summer evenings when there was a little commotion, but other visits have been far cooler than you'd expect from a pawnbroker. Almost all pawn stores offer electronics, but Pawn America selections extend for rows upon rows. The offering of musical instruments includes quality name brands, not just dubious copies, and the choice of tools and machinery is more than adequate. But the clincher is the surprising selection of discount CDs that were far more enticing than the dust traps we see taking up space in many shops. Friendly service is plentiful, but seldom pushy, making Pawn America a good first stop for those more cautious than cutthroat.


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