The electric guitar was still in its infancy when Groth Music opened for business in 1939, but you can bet they had 'em, along with much of what "Minnesota's Original Superstore," as the venerable entity calls itself, continues to sell. Groth is particularly strong in percussiveness: Its offerings run the gamut from agogo bells ($20 and up) to mysterious-looking gourd-shaped udu drums (from $68.95). With its XXL selection of musically themed cards, mugs, jewelry, and just about anything else that can hold a note (visually), Groth poses temptations galore for even the most resolute nonmusician. And its selection of children's instruments, like its "always there but never too there" service, is incomparable.

Location Details

8056 Nicollet Ave. S.
Bloomington MN 55420


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