Mike Glasgow

Minnesota's virulent fetish for all things Scandinavian extends to the Volvo automobile, of which you'll find nearly every existing model, vintage, and level of salt-addled physical distress on Twin Cities roadways. More than a few local Volvo owners have found an ally in Mike Glasgow, whose two-stall shop on a glamourless St. Paul corner is neither tidy nor especially comfortable for guests. You want free flavored coffee, fake smiles, and Judge Judy while you wait? Jiffy Lube is that-a-way. You want your tattered 740 sedan to run for another 100,000 miles? Leave it with Mike and his knowledgeable, diligent, respectful staff for as long as they need. Evidenced by a few message-board raves at, Glasgow is known to its cult of loyal customers as a place where straight talk, realistic assessments, and fair prices are the norm. It's a safe harbor for non-Volvos, too, but don't take offense if these guys are too busy to serve you on the spot--which, like any dependable urban mechanic, they often are.


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