Bastian Skoog

Seriously funky floral arrangements with brave color and texture combinations, inventive structure, and imaginative materials are what separates this studio from your average floral designer. When we say imaginative, we mean imaginative. A bridal bouquet shaped like a box? Done! Work grapes into the bouquet? Done! Thinking less in terms of a bouquet, and more along the lines of an Asian-inspired rope of chrysanthemums? Done and done. With services ranging from huge undertakings like bridal design and corporate events to more modest bursts of brilliance such as hostess gifts or weekly deliveries to your home, the folks at this place bring a certain avant-garde flair to each and every project. A simple browse through Bastian Skoog's online portfolio, which offers page after page of flower and lifestyle porn, will prove it--not to mention what it will do to your imagination. You can even call for a consultation, but keep in mind that the studio only takes two events per weekend. Planning ahead is required.


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