Cinema Revolution

Jesus! They have The Gospel According to St. Matthew--that Christ movie by the Marxist Pasolini! Vive la révolution! What's radical about this next-generation video store--besides the "Burn Hollywood burn" posters and crimson decor--is the militancy with which the masses (no Disney here) are surrendered to the cause of maintaining the Cities' smartest, most selective video collection. There can't be more than a few hundred films here, tops. But the percentage of must-sees and rarities is absurdly high, the titles are arranged by auteur and country of origin (our world cinema leader Intercontinental would do well to prepare for the Revolution's imminent invasion), and they're all on DVD. Rentals are geared to the proletariat at $3 each for three days, but an even better deal is to join the "inner circle," wherein $20 gets you 20 titles from among holdings that include Mark Wojahn's What America Needs: From Sea to Shining Sea (our Twin Cities movie of the year), Melvin Van Peebles's Sweet Sweetback, and plenty of other stuff you wouldn't dream of getting from Netflix. How's that for gettin' the Man's foot out yo' ass?


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