The Downtowner

As the temperature in Minnesota gets warmer, the funk emanating from your floor mats get riper. Winter has a funny way of keeping us from maintaining a proper sense of vehicle hygiene, and now the leftover meal in the back seat has festered into something unidentifiable as animal, mineral, or vegetable. No matter what the extent of the filth, the people at St. Paul's Downtowner Car Wash are who to see about dealing with it. Six months of cigarette ash, thirteen coffee stains, and whatever the green stuff on the door handle was? Gone in one quick visit. The Downtowner offers a full-service wash, hand waxing, and a multitude of detailing packages ranging from around $12 to $30. Standing in the waiting area one can see the washers, waxers, sprayers, and dryers take on a rhythmic cohesion rivaled only by Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas themselves. And when the "Vehicle Ready" sign finally starts flashing, you will be struck by suddenly recalling that the grime-gray Corolla you've been driving since December was actually black when you bought it.


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