For more than 25 years Larue's has brought its loyal clientele the most exotic and sensual fashions this side of Eat Street. Hand-dyed silk gowns, bridal confections with unfinished edges, roman glass, burnt silk, crushed velvet floral accents--you name it. If it's too luxurious for words, it's on a rack, somewhere at Larue's. Specializing in what they call "Goddess Fashions," Larue's offers many of their regal, flowing getups in plus sizes, while some are cut specifically with the tall and slender build in mind. Even more luxurious than Larue's wares is the service. For starters, if you mention what you have in mind, the staff will bring out garments for your inspection. It's suddenly clear that these are not people making rent working retail, these are folks with an eye for clothing. They'll tell you if something doesn't hang right. They'll speak up if you over-accessorize. They'll leave you feeling, and looking, like royalty. And those who have royal taste confined by the pocketbook of a peasant will want to check out Larue's annual Recycle Sale, where loyal customers sell their no-longer-needed Larue's wear for a fraction of the original price.


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