St. Sabrina's is easy to spot from the streets in Uptown thanks to the faux-church and stained-glass painted exterior as well as the eclectic group of patrons coming and going through the doors: Gothers, punkers, college stoners and wild soccer moms all come here, and people-watching is as fun as checking out the rubber nun hand-puppets and body glitter. Upstairs is the piercing parlor, which is part jewelry store, part doctor's office. You can peruse piercers' portfolio books to get an idea of what you are interested in, or chat up a knowledgeable employee behind the counter. The jewelry collection is unique and classy, with a stock ranging from titanium to white gold, as well as such gems as onyx, opals, and diamonds, all with reasonable pricing. Perhaps more importantly, the parlor follows guidelines set by the Minneapolis Health Department, is super clean (we've seen workers follow customers around with hand-sanitizer) and those guys and gals sticking you are all members of the Association of Professional Piercers. (They're more than happy to show you the autoclave where they sterilize tools if you're still squeamish.) Thanks to their skills and safety-first ethic, the pain from your piercing experience should be mercifully short and sweet--which, depending on your fetish, can be a good or bad thing.

Location Details

2751 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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