You want a bike--but not just any bike--and bikes are pricey. If you intend it to be your "other car," it may cost just as much. The folks at Kenwood Cyclery don't just sell any old bike off the floor, they help you find the bike you'll love and use for a long time. It may take a little extra time, but you'll get a cycle that suits you, whether you're out to win a road race or get to work on time. Once that mission's accomplished, you can accessorize from the selection of helmets, bike gloves, shirts, shorts, shoes, power bars and lots of advice. Casual riders will feel right at home when they start talking to owner John Coleman or any of the staff--they seem to love talking shop. Racers will know they are home, given the line of high-end bikes available. But if you're just in the market for a round-town beater, you'll also find used, refurbished bikes at very reasonable prices.

Location Details

2123 W. 21st St.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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