Treasure Island

Trust us: The last thing a new (or for that matter, any) parent needs is to blow hours staring at an overly lighted wash of strollers, cribs, car seats, diaper bags, breast pumps, nail clippers, bathtubs, and backpacks. Thankfully, Treasure's Island has been weeding out the more gratuitous items for over 50 years. The salespeople can show you how to wrestle--er, collapse--a stroller into a car trunk, and they're all too happy to hold forth about any product the store carries. We appreciate that despite their decidedly upscale clientele (many new parents from the Mayo Clinic drive to the Eagan location to stock up), they won't sell the $700-plus Bugaboo Frog stroller. "It's too expensive," one clerk sniffed, as she steered us toward a perfectly serviceable $99 option. And while several of their cribs could dent your child's college fund, the basement carries a solid selection of discounted models that will last--safety codes willing--for several generations.


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