When no less of an expert on exquisite vocalese than Curtiss A tells you matter-of-factly one night that Jacox is "the best singer to ever come out of this town," you don't argue. You simply consider the statement for yourself, regard the soul man's work with the likes of the Butanes Soul Revue, Willie and the Bees, the Lights Out Committee, and many others. You think about what makes a great singer (soul, timing, timbre, passion, chops, longevity), realize that Jacox has it all (including a mean saxophone at his side). You agree tenfold with Curt and go ahead and write it down for the BOTC 2004, even though you could've done the same thing in any of the 30-odd years that the woefully underrated Jacox has been stepping to the mic and doing what all the great soul singers do: singing our souls back to us.


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