Joe Soucheray

Poor, poor Joe Soucheray. He is the most put-upon of modern American archetypes: the Conservative Male Talk Show Host (CMTSH). For a group that spends an inordinate amount of time decrying the "culture of victimhood" that is supposedly stripping America of its moral backbone, these folks sure do whine a lot. The Mayor of Garage Logic, like every CMTSH, is relentlessly being oppressed by vile, unshaven feminists and men so emasculated that they don't even know how to work a chain saw. The CMTSH is under siege from liberals (the "flowerpot gang" in Souch's parlance) who supposedly are conspiring to strip them of their money, guns, and SUVs. Of course, we're lucky enough to get an extra dose of Soucheray's whining via his column in the Pioneer Press. (Then again, it's basically a transcript excerpt of his KSTP show.) We're not usually ones to offer career counseling, but perhaps Joe would feel less persecuted if he took a long, long vacation.


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