Latrell Sprewell

Yeah, yeah, we know. This year The Big Ticket is having a career year in a career full of career years, and there's no reason this season to dismiss the cries of "KG for MVP." But this is also likely the best Wolves team to date, and that has to do with massive roster changes in the off season. No new additions have been more instrumental in the hometown team's success this year than Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell, who along with Garnett comprise what's sometimes called the Big Three. Sudden Sam and KG made the all-star team this year, but Sprewell went to LA to catch his buddies in the weekend festivities on his own dime. And that's why we like Spree: He's a team player all the way. Forget his reputation as a bad seed, rooted in that one time he tried to choke his head coach or something. Ancient history. This season, Sprewell emerged as a uniter, not a divider, and his selfless play and aggressive crunch-time cool won more than a fair share of games. Besides, any frozen Midwestern heart would melt at that hairdo, which we've come to call the Milwaukee Mullet. More than that, Sprewell has emerged as the glue of the aforementioned trio, and the love he has for his new team is evident. He's no small reason why the franchise player, Garnett, finally has a franchise behind him.


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