We're all getting tired of the swanky bathrooms and the one-upmanship that goes with them--they don't really mean anything besides their superficiality (eye candy), and essentially, their invasion of one's privacy. As desolate as an Amtrak restroom might strike you, it's the meat-and-potatoes version of a restroom. A nondiscerning, nondiscriminatory, bare-bones kind of a place. Author Richard Ford has something nice to say regarding a person's physical closeness to trains: "I read somewhere it is psychologically beneficial to stand near things greater and more powerful than you yourself, so as to dwarf yourself (and your piddly-ass bothers) by comparison." One's business in an Amtrak bathroom can be cathartic. We don't need to ask anything of the public restroom; it's merely there for you and me, never turning an eye on itself.


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