the River Roads

For years this category has been a see-saw battle between the Dome and the Lakes. It's time to break the tie and the routine by honoring a place less congested than the shorelines and more outdoorsy than the HHH. When you need a place to roll without stress, the River Roads' long straightaways are a great benefit to relative beginners, with plenty of spacious green spots on the west side for brief rests--or soft landings. More adventurous bladers can escape the pack and enjoy a little downhill rush and the strenuous climb on the West River Road's north slope near Lake Street. There's room for everyone. The long, high shelf on the south side of the West River Road affords a breathtaking panorama. If the river view wasn't enough, don't forget the interesting architecture: fancy on the east side (Eastcliff, etc.), funky on the west, which features everything from Tudor styles to Streamline Moderne.


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