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We are aware that the public penchant for '70's retro fashion includes a revival of the rumor that the best place to meet single women is at the grocery store. This is a lie that's almost as ugly as low-riding flair pants. Gentlemen, if you want to meet single women, position yourself near a $25 pair of Anna Sui boots and then act like you've heard of Anna Sui. Hands down the complaint we hear most from the single women eking out a sex life in this city is, "Men in Minnesota can't dress." So while you're at it, eyeball the men's clothing. We once knew a handsome young attorney who had a method for meeting women while shopping. He'd try on a decent outfit that almost matched, and then walk through the showroom asking likely young women their opinion on his choices. The ladies dressed him up like a paper doll. This approach won't work for everyone, but the less extravagant opener, "Excuse me, does this tie go with this shirt?" will get the conversation going just as smoothly. So, be where they are, trying on a decent suit. Play your cards right and you'll leave with a date and designer duds to match.

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4320 Excelsior Blvd.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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