Wedge Community Co-op

It's a meat market, sure, but with the clout of being the first certified organic meat department in America. Beyond free-range poultry and sirloin, there's no better place in the Cities than this bohemian enclave to pick up your own tofutti-cutie. Simply put, you need the basics--cereal, toilet paper, apple/carrot/banana smoothie with extra wheat grass-- and so does he. Why not make a play by asking if he's into Fair Trade or green tea? The health and produce departments provide several chances for innocuous flirtation, from the right brand of B12 vitamin to the proper way to test the ripeness of a mango. Natural lighting from the glass storefront ensures that you will always look good. So give it a shot.

Location Details

2105 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405