Nicollet Avenue

Take your love interest shopping, and you're bound to expose the fatal flaws in your relationship. The stresses of parking, waiting, and screaming children are bad enough. Add to that the icy anger brought on by having to walk down the wind tunnel known as Nicollet Avenue on a chilly Saturday afternoon. Whoa, who knew he could be so testy? And who knew he would leave you without a ride home. The jerk! Good thing you've got a big selection of bus lines to hop on (when the buses are running, of course). Not to mention that Target is just a heartbeat away, and buying discount chic doodads will surely soothe your ego. For those damned with both a broken heart and an empty wallet, you're close enough to the downtown library, and can at least check out a sappy love story on video for free. Now, if you're heartbroken, broke, and it's Sunday, you're pretty much stuck with walking to Loring Park to feed the ducks. They'll always love you.


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