Bryant-Lake Bowl

Some of us unlucky few, when put face to face with an individual we are attracted to for a first date, are reduced to neurotic, sweaty-palmed, compliment-fumbling train wrecks barely able to formulate cohesive sentences. Just like Stan Marsh on South Park, still unable to tell Wendy Testaburger his true feelings. It is for people like us that there is the Bryant-Lake Bowl, by far one of the most laid-back atmospheres in town and one place where first dates are bound to run smoothly. Everything on the bar and bowling alley's eclectic menu, which ranges from grilled cheese sandwiches to traditional pad Thai, is reasonably priced. There's a well-rounded selection of tap beers and inexpensive wines. Smaller tables offer two new companions the opportunity to sit close and chat away, putting even the worst first-dater enough at ease to stop worrying about, well, crashing the plane into the side of the mountain. And should conversation prove too dicey, the bowling lanes in the back offer the perfect solution. As we all know, bowling is the only sport you can be absolutely awful at and still have a good time playing.

Location Details

810 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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