Plymouth Avenue North

If you haven't explored the downtown side of the Mississippi, between Broadway and Hennepin Avenues, you are severely missing out. The water floats gracefully by a sloped bank, which affords privacy from the nearby street. Clumps of trees and plants, along with a carpet of well-tended grass, are home to a surprising range of wildlife, from eagles to the occasional fox. One of the nicest spots of all abuts Plymouth Avenue North--it's a wooded park, complete with picnic tables and benches. This whole strip is quite lovely, and its proximity to downtown makes it the perfect getaway for that quick romantic lunch with a special co-worker. While it's true that the city has been trying like hell to ruin the riverfront by slapping up endless rows of condos, they have yet to damage the river's intrinsic beauty. And lest these new, high-buck tenants begin to think they own the place, show up often with your picnic basket and stay until sundown.


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