We searched high and low for the perfect martini in these Twin Cities. What we found may surprise you. Night after night we walked out of [Your Bar Name Here] completely and utterly convinced we had found the best martini. It was always the third one. It's quite simple, almost as simple as the ingredients in a classic martini. The first martini is always a little harsh: The glass is awkward in your hand, you drink slowly, pretending to be able to taste the difference between this mix and the one (or six) you had last night. The second one is better, closer, warmer, and yes, yes, you can tell the difference, you're sophisticated and powerful and the secret is in your drink! By the third martini, the warmth you felt before has spread to your legs and arms; all is right with the world as long as you have that beautiful glass in your mitt. Of course, being the purists that we are, we realize that this rule works only with the traditional martini, the one your parents drank. The one made with three parts gin to one part vermouth, accompanied by an olive--no Cointreau, Kahlúa, or lemongrass infusion. So, if you're going to belly up to test our theory, we suggest you look for a classic joint to imbibe this most classic cocktail. What better place to do it than the Monte Carlo Bar and Café (219 Third Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612.333.5900), one of the few constants in the ever-evolving warehouse district? Here the bartenders dress for work and take their jobs seriously. And with a mirrored wall behind a bar that's lined with all the best bottles in town, you can check your fancy self out as you sip a dapper drink--or three.

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Location Details

219 3rd Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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