Ideally, margaritas should be as plain as the sun in the sky: sun, a few fluffy clouds, sky--perfect! What more do you need? Well, tequila, for one, and not any of that oaked-up junk that arrivistes find so sophisticated; in a margarita, tequila should be pure as sunlight, oak smoke not needed. After the tequila you need triple sec or Cointreau. Easy enough. Then--and this is critical--fresh-squeezed lime juice. Not sour mix, not sour mix from the stanky soda gun, not Rose's lime juice--fresh-squeezed lime juice. End of story. Carriage return. If you have before you an oak-powder margarita made with sour mix from the gun, you do not have a margarita, what you have is an abomination. Which is why we love, with a love that is deep and eternal, the margaritas at Bar Abilene. The house regular margarita is made with Sauza Blanco--that's 100 percent agave tequila, no oak. Perfect. With some triple sec, and some fresh, fresh, fresh lime juice, right out of the lime. The way dios and/or diosa in his or her heaven intended. Other margaritas--banana, grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry, etc.--are made with the addition of fresh citrus or fruit purée--marvelous! Not that we have anything against oaked tequilas--for sipping. Want to sip some? Then Abilene's the place to do that too, with darn close to a hundred tequilas lined up behind the bar for your drinking pleasure.

Location Details

1300 Lagoon Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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