The American electorate is not, as the current thinking goes, split into halves: the blue and the red. Rather, the blue is itself divided between those who believe Jorge can be beaten and those who have looked at the Electoral College with a sober eye and a calculator. The half who see vulnerability in POTUS, we've noticed, tend to be the most fervent readers of blogs--places where the administration's myriad sins have been well documented for three years now. If you've been paying attention to the kind of stories that Cursor chronicles every day, it's almost impossible to believe W. could be elected president of his church's septic-improvement committee--to say nothing of the rest of the country. From its beginnings as a local-media watchdog site in 1997, Cursor has stood as one of the most comprehensive clearinghouses for mainstream and alternative coverage of the war on sanity (formerly known as "the war on terror"). In 2001 and 2002, this project involved providing a comprehensive translation archive of Al-Jazeera and publicizing the Afghan casualty count of Marc Herold. Today, the site continues to give prominent play to articles about money and the media through its extensive "Media Transparency" satellite. And it also features articles about campaign finance and international affairs. But Cursor's most indispensable feature is the intelligently summarized and far-ranging links that make up the daily "Media Patrol." This is an exhaustive labor of hate, surveying hundreds of different media outlets, and it contains all the information you'd ever need to make an intelligent decision in the 2004 election. The real question is: If as many people tuned into Cursor as read the National Enquirer, would the results turn out any differently?


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