Kahalé has more aliases than a big-time New York mafia family, but maybe that grandiose list of titles is warranted. From the early party days he spent introducing ghetto house tracks under the name Ralph Laurenn, to the sadistic, mid-'90s techno sets he conducted as DJ Apollo, to the intimate V.I.P. room house excursions he led as Dirty Mackenzie, Kahalé has always lived up to the "Bad Ass Motherfucker" moniker he gave to one of his leering ghetto-tech anthems. Several years ago, the Twin Cities were lucky to hear this Lebanese ladies' man play three raves a year, but his recent club residencies at newly-sprung hipster lounges like Tabu and Mel's Beauty Bar have given house music aficionados reason to get out of the house. And he's not claiming all the fame for himself, either: With his Bass-United troupe, Kahalé is helping to push local DJs and producers toward the national scene. "I love dance music, but its energy is limited to a club environment," he explains. "That's why it has created a generation of weekend drug addicts who eventually lose interest in electronic music. The whole point behind Bass-United is to promote what's happening in Minneapolis outside of the visible 'dance scene,' which has been saturated with the same predictable hooks for a thousand years." We're not sure how the next 10 centuries will change the local scene. But however the evolution progresses, we hope the future will bring us more DJs like Kahalé--or whatever name he's going by in 2025.


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