Har Mar Superstar

We are hereby changing the name of this category to "Best Band to Leave the Twin Cities, Gyrate with Naked Supermodels in Ibiza, Dry Hump a Steer in Majorca, Record Simulated Orgasms in Los Angeles, and Still Make Hometown Fans Want to Lick Your Nipples." Because now that Har Mar Superstar has won, the hammy R&B singer just upped the ante for all musicians who dream of doing the devil's work in the City of Angels. Those who remember seeing the artist formerly known as Sean Tillmann blast his sexy electro beats at the Turf Club may find it hard to believe where he is now: disco dancing with Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch, suggestively riding a mechanical bull in those Vladivar Vodka commercials, and appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live after being introduced as "a man banned from the Minnesota State Fair." But Tillmann's unchangingly raunchy sense of humor proves that even though he's an international Superstar now, he's still the same Har Mar. After two London councils deemed the naughty poster campaign for his You Can Feel Me tour "disgusting and obscene" last year, he replied, "From what I understand these community groups are probably pretty mad that I covered up the nipples on the girls, and the only logical solution is to recall the posters and go fully nude." Who can blame Minnesotans for getting all teary-eyed when, at last year's SXSW music festival in Texas, Tillmann proclaimed, "Tell Minneapolis-St. Paul that I miss them"? We're still nostalgic for the early days, when he stood on the Foxfire stage and wooed the crowd with the opening teaser, "Now I'm going to fuck you." Since he got famous and left, we are most certainly fucked.


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