Scrappy, feisty, and spirited. Not much to look at, but a dynamo in the aisles. How could anyone resist Zipp's? You might know Zipp's as your collegiate party headquarters--is it the friends or the keg that makes drinking when you're 21 so especially sweet? Oh well, leave that riddle for the Sphinx, but know that when your parties have shrunk to the number of folks who fit into your living room, Zipp's becomes even more valuable: Only in these overstuffed wine aisles will you find dozens of double-take-inducing bargains among the hundreds of unusual offerings. Like what? Like carignane from 114-year-old vines for $10.99, like fresh, dry grenache rosés, like prestige California chardonnays priced at half of what the suburban chain stores charge. True, other liquor stores in town stock more cordials and whiskeys, but what Zipp's lacks in those categories it makes up for in customer service. They're delighted to special-order any high-end anything you have in mind, and will get it for you in a mere two or three days. More than a liquor store, if slightly less than a personal wine steward and valet, Zipp's has taken the finest wines and spirits and, of all things, democratized them for the common folks.

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2618 E. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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