Little Jack's

While it's true that you might get a slightly better steak at some fancy place like Morton's, you will never--we mean never ever--find a better steak-house atmosphere than you will at Little Jack's. The place is stuck in the '60s, with just a touch of the '50s thrown in for good measure. The lounge is dark, as it should be, and staffed by a veteran with a sassy attitude and fantastic hairdo. Past that, you have your choice of several distinctive dining rooms, including one with a giant, shimmering chandelier and another, called the Viscount room, which sports vintage red upholstered booths and light fixtures fashioned from multi-colored chunks of glass. The service is friendly and not too solicitous, so you can sit around for hours. And you'll need the extra time to finish off the enormous carafe of wine that automatically comes with the delectable "steaks for two." Adding to the overall charm of the place, Little Jack's new owners have added a whole list of Korean dishes to the menu, so you can munch steak while your date gets down with some bi bim bop.


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