Lucille's Kitchen

There was a scare this year--for a while it looked like Lucille's Kitchen, the anchor and rainbow of the north side, might close. What, a world without the crispiest fried chicken, the smokiest collards, the creamiest ever macaroni and cheese? Surely that would not be a world fit for living! Luckily, the good Lord heard the prayers from down here and Lucille's got a reprieve--as of this writing, they're as open as ever and still dishing up catfish as crisp as potato chips, yams as thick as the love between brothers, and all the other good things they do so well. Of course the values are still there; check out the cafeteria-line lunch weekdays till 2:00 p.m., or the spectacular Sunday after-church buffet ($11.72 adults, $5.95 kids under 12, $2.95 under 5 years old). Get in your car already! What are you waiting for--a personal invitation with the clouds parting and the sunbeams? You already got your miracle, that Lucille's is waiting for you, just like always.


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