It's true that one night a City Pages writer and her hot date drove around the sticks for an hour trying to locate Lindey's. But once they accidentally found it (they'd given up and were on their way to Nye's), they were glad to have put in the effort. The place is old-style, with lots of wood and dim lighting and the overall feel of a Brainerd lodge. It offers a full bar--the bartender doesn't even mind if you alternate between pink squirrels and grasshoppers; he'll rinse out the blender over and over--and, most importantly, wonderful steaks. Each dish is accompanied by pickled watermelon rinds that apparently nobody eats and the most delicious potatoes flavored with a secret ingredient the chef won't divulge. Even more than for great chow, however, the real reason to get lost on the way to Lindey's is the restaurant's relaxed and rustic atmosphere. P.S. There is a second location in Medicine Lake, but it's not as good or charming.

Location Details

3600 N. Snelling Ave.
Arden Hills MN 55112


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